Robert Drane



  1. Blue Ventures – Corporate Promotional Film

  2. Kokoly by Blue Ventures – Documentary

  3. Quiz Show – Main Title

  4. Quiz Show – Correct Answer

  5. Podcast theme – The Adventure Gang (comedy drama)

  6. Heroic – (based on a theme by Guy Michelmore)



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Recent work

Kokoly – Blue Ventures documentary

Against a backdrop of extreme poverty, personal loss and a marine environment changing beyond her control, Kokoly lives on a knife edge.

Filmed over four months, Kokoly follows the daily life of a traditional Vezo fisherwoman in southwest Madagascar, giving an insight into the challenges of relying on marine resources for survival.


After studying the piano up to grade 8 and flute to grade 7, I studied music at the University of York where I conducted its Concert Orchestra and two original musicals. Having a diverse background in filmmaking and media, I’ve written music for numerous short films, corporate films and other media.

I have a range of experience in MIDI sequencing and arranging, working with virtual instruments including Spitfire Audio and East West. I’ve also created my own Kontakt samples, along with recording performers and creating printed scores for them. I am confident working with both Windows and Mac computers, using a range of software including Cubase, Logic, Dorico, Reaper, Izotope RX and Sibelius.

Additionally, as an experienced marketer, I am confident working with deadlines, clients and managing projects independently.

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